Review: Your Flight to Happiness: A 7 - Step Journey to Emotional Freedom by Toni Mackenzie

Your Flight to Happiness: A 7-Step Journey to Emotional Freedom - Toni Mackenzie

Here is a summary of what the book is about. Your Flight to Happiness is a self- help book with a flying theme, taking the reader on a journey which will enable them to release negative thinking and limiting beliefs, and create emotional freedom and happiness from within.

Chapter one tells of how the author found herself at an all time low point in her life, her " plane crash". She then guides the reader through the seven steps she used to rebuild he life and lean how to fly again.

So many people believe they will be happy at some time in the future - when they get a new job, meet a new partner, go on holiday, buy a new outfit,  lose weight... The truth is, happiness does not come from outside experiences or other people, happiness ultimately is an inside job!

Throughout this colour- illustrated book she also shares some of her relevant early childhood experiences,  illustrating  how our subconscious minds become programmed during the first few years of our lives with downloaded information.

This information leads to our beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the world we live in, and we continue to act upon them, often holding ourselves back, believing that we're not good enough, feeling anxious abou the future, fearing that we'll fail...

The exercises and information within the chapters provide the reader with various tools and techniques to change the way they feel by changing the way they think, and ultimately reach their destination of happiness.

Wow this is a truly amazing book. I sure did learn a lot.

I love all of the quotes from different people. I enjoyed how the author shares her life experiences with the reader.

I would recommend this book to everyone. After reading this book you will want to go out and find your happiness.

Looking forward to reading more books by this author.

Happy Flying everyone remember to buckle up!