Just a Girl Kindleing

Room 42 - Melody J. Bremen


Here is a blurb of what the book is about. Only four months left, then Dave Martinez is a free man.


Dave is an eight- grader at Lakeville Boarding School, the school for boys with unexplored potential( aka losers). If he can control his impulse to steal, he can return home  and attend regular public school. If he doesn't, he will be sent to Birmingham High, the worst high school on the planet,  and his life will be doomed forever. For just a few more months , he needs to stay out of trouble  and keep a low profile. And he's pretty good at that.


Then Dave gets a new roommate, Tom Grant. Tom is allergic to boring and doesn't know how to listen to rules. His wild plans involve all of his roommates, especially Dave. They're dragged along with Tom as he hunts animals ( and teachers in pajamas),goes sledding on cafeteria trays, and drives bulldozers through the night. Dave's chance's of keeping a low profile are going down the drain.


I enjoyed this book. I think 7 th and 8 th graders  and high school kids would like to read this book because it is geared towards them.


I loved the  ending  of this book. I thought the message of this book is choose your friends carefully.


Sure Tom got Dave into trouble a lot but it turns out Tom was a good friend to have.